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Icons of The Saints




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Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon

Saint John The Baptist

Holy Gunhild



Holy Great Martyr Clement of Rome

Holy Martyr Elizabeth Grand Duchess

Family Icon



Saint Nicolas of Myra

Saint John The Baptist

Apostle Andrew



Saint Silouan

Apostle Andrew

Saint George and Martyr Sophia



Holy Martyrs Sophia, Vera, Nadezhda and Lubov

Saint Veronica

detail : Martyr Elizabeth Grand Duchess



detail : The Bridegroom

detail : Holy Great Martyr Clement of Rome

detail : Saint John The Baptist



detail : Holy Martyr Sophia

detail : Holy Gunild

detail : Saint John The Baptist





detail: Saint Veronica


detail: Saint Nicolas of Myra


detail: Saint Silouan





Saint Alexi Of Ugina


Saint Ninian Of Whithorn


Archangel Michael and Joshua Son of Nun







Saint Seraphim Of Sarov


Saint Peter and Saint Paul


Saint Seraphim Of Sarov : detail





Saint Alexi Of Ugina : detail


Archangel Michael : detail


Saint Ninian : detail


Family Icon

Family Icon

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